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Fused silica powder

Fused silica powder is a kind of high-quality natural quartz raw material, which is transformed into amorphous quartz by electro-melting, and then through various processes such as crushing, sorting, ultra-fine grinding, precision grading, surface treatme

【Product Series】:


ItemUnitTypical Value
Particle size distributionD50Available within D50=0.5-10μm
Particle size distributionMay be adjusted on basis of typical distribution as needed, including multimodal distribution and narrow-range distribution.
Appearance/White powder
Mohs Hardness/6
Dielectric Constant/3.88(1MHz)
Dielectric Loss/0.0002(1MHz)
Coefficient of Linear Expansion1/K0.5×10-6
Ion impurityppmCan be reduced below 3ppm

1.The above physical indicators and chemical compositions are based on the average value of sample analysis and testing.

2.Individualized products can be customized: Particle size distribution can be controlled, and different surface activation can be selected.

3.For any special requirements, please feel free to contact us, we will provide solutions for you wholeheartedly.

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